Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Decorating with Cowhide

What do you think of decorating with cowhide? Some people love it, animal activists hate it. I happen to LOVE it! Cowhide seems to be popping up everywhere in the home decorating world. I don't yet have anything in cowhide. I have looked at buying them several times but couldn't ever get past the price. I would love to find a small piece that I could use to cover a footstool or ottoman, or even the seat of a chair. I think it adds a touch of rustic elegance and I think it is sooooo fun when done right!

I would hardly call my decorating style Western. It is actually more Traditional, but I love a touch of flair, whimsy, and just plain unexpected, yet elegant at the same time. I once stayed at a hotel/resort in Texas called the Texas Gaylord, and it had cowhide covered bar stools in one of the bars with dark slate floors. That may have been when my love affair with cowhide started. I'm curious to know what you think about decorating with cowhide. And if any of you know where I can find it at a great price, by all means let me know!!

Upcoming project~Black kitchen cabinets!

Hello everyone! I am new to the decorating blog world and this is my very first post. I recently started my own business "The Savvy Stager" and decided I wanted to blog about my decorating projects and my journey through business ownership. I have been very inspired by so many fellow bloggers I have met and followed over the last several months. I have a passion for decorating and just hope I can figure out the computer side of things!

I am constantly dreaming up projects for me and my friends and relatives to do around our homes and I've been quite pleased with how most have turned out. I plan on blogging about my new decorating adventures as my husband and I do some renovations around our house as well as some other fun and inexpensive home projects. I would LOVE it if you would follow me on this journey!

The first project Hubs and I are tackling is painting our existing bland "builders quality" oak cabinets Black! Yes, I said BLACK!!! We are going to be adding crown molding, beadboard and nickel hardware, to completely tranform our existing kitchen. I can't hardly wait!!! (Hubs isn't quite so excited) We are set to begin in approxiamately one week, so stay tuned for before, during, and after shots! Thanks for your support!