Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hello everyone! I haven't done a blogpost in FOREVER!! I pretty much had given up because I am having such a difficult time figuring it out! Dumb, right?! I just know there is an easier method than the way I am doing it, so I'm on a mission to figure it out. I wanted to start up again to showcase some of the projects I have done this winter. I am terrible at taking before pictures, and I really didn't document how I did things either. That is also something for me to work on!

My most recent project was a doing a mini redo of my kitchen eating area. I did take a couple of before pics:

And another:

And here is the after:

There are several things going on here. I painted the french doors black and recovered the dining chairs in a black and grey damask. I hung silver dupioni silk curtain panels on the door and replaced the can lights with chandeliers.

The chandeliers are definately my favorite part of this project! They came from a home remodeling thrift store kind of place and looked pretty hideous when I got them. One was a brown color with horrible glass sconce things on them. The other wasn't too bad, but they both got a fresh coat of oil rubbed bronze spraypaint. The crystal part was actually two candle holders that I bought years ago and used to have hanging in the corner. I just removed a couple of the pieces so that they would fit over the top and voila! I just love chandeliers...I want them in every room, including the laundry room, but my hubs was less than thrilled with the installation portion!
I just love how they turned out!
One more before:
And after:

I promise in the future I will take better before and during pics of my projects. Thanks for stopping by!

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